Savvy Garments

Manufacturing small orders

Savvy  Garments is a clothing manufacturer with a network set-up for quantities starting at 800 pieces per colour. We get many requests from designers and start-up companies for manufacturing small orders. Of course we want to support new brands and start-ups, and we can grow together to achieve success. There are a few difficulties in starting up a brand, especially on the end of the manufacturer. In order for a brand to be launched successfully, consider the below options:

  1. For new brands, we will firstly need to know if you are part of an existing retail group or brand, or an entirely new company that has no experience yet in making garments.
  2. We do not make salesman samples for new brands that do not have any experience in the industry. We strongly recommend to make your samples locally using a sewing shop that can make everything exactly as you want it.
  3. We can help a new brand start by lowering the minimum ordering quantity. If you can share your fabric over several styles we can consider to do 300-500 pieces per colour if you can reach the fabric minimums.
  4. Order quantity less than that is really not possible for us, and also not recommended to have manufactured all the way in China.
  5. We do not have the resources to design or provide products to new brands or start-ups. We do not share any products or designs that we have developed for other brands. We manufacture your design only. We do of course offer lot’s of design input along the way to make sure you get it right.

Please do get in touch with us so we can discuss all the possibilities. We offer different solutions to different buyers. You can email us the details of your product and let us kno how many pieces you plan to do. If the quantity is around 500 pieces per style/colour, it’s very likely we can help you.


  • Lorena Hernandez de Iwase

    Hi, I would like to know if in that quantity of 500 pieces there can be variety of colors and styles for example.
    I need ask because I have many doubts about start as a new brand, thank you so much .

    • Da Hai

      Dear Lorena,

      Starting a new brand is a nice and exciting project. Your mail challenge would be manufacturing your stock. You will be facing some minimum order quantities and if you plan to make a few different styles, you will have to make sure you can sell all the stock.
      500 pieces would per per style/colour. That means for example 500 blouses in one colour, not 500 blouses divided over several colours.

  • Sue

    Hi, i Would like to know if jou can make lingerie tio? Cause i want to start a lingerie brand. Thank you.

    • Da Hai

      Dear Sue,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to say we do not do lingerie or undergarments. Our factories do not have the machinery for that. We do blouses, T-shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets etc.

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