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Savvy Garments is a T-shirt garment manufacturer specialised in fashion savvy ladies wear. Our operation is made of a head office and several highly skilled sewing workshops. All factories we work with are qualified to do export-standard ladies wear. Most brands we work with are middle-market and up. We do not work with any factories that cannot meet middle-market quality standards. All products we ship are worthy of your brand name. 

The office sources fabrics and trims which are sent to the nearby factories for processing. All factories and fabric suppliers are within a short driving distance from our Hangzhou headquarters. Our office staff speaks fluent English and manages the supply of materials and planning for the client’s orders. The images in this gallery give a quick impression of our office, and of the different departments of the factories where cutting, making and finishing is done.

The factories we work with can handle order quantity starting at 800 pieces per colour. Different fabric suppliers have different minimums on different fabrics. Our sourcing department will help you develop the fabrics most suitable for your design and order quantity. Sometimes we help out start-up brands or smaller retailers by negotiating smaller MOQ like 500 pieces per colour. If you are a start-up brand, you can also check out this blog post. When choosing a t-shirt garment manufacturer, it’s important you choose one that can match your requirement for both quantity and quality.  

Some of the larger factories can handle volumes of over 20.000 pieces per colour. On order quantity over 10.000 pieces we also offer the possibility of using our subcontract factories in Myanmar or Cambodia. You can read more about our manufacturing in Cambodia here, and about Myanmar here

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