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Production in Cambodia

The Cambodia garment factory is one of our partners in South East Asia. It is a garment factory with over 350 workers, located in the city Phnom Penh. Goods are shipped from the port of Sihanoukville

Key advantages of the Cambodia garment factory are competitive prices on quantities over 10.000 pieces and duty free imports to many countries, including the EU. Duty free imports to the E.U. means a lower price of 12% compared to imports from China.

There are not many differences with the production in China. The fabrics are all purchased in China and shipped to Cambodia by sea. That means almost any fabric you can do in China, you can do in Cambodia. Fabrics are imported into Cambodia without any duty because Cambodia is in the ASEAN countries trade agreement. Compared to India and Bangladesh, Cambodia offers more flexibility in fabrics because of the easy supply of fabric from China.

Management of the Cambodia garment factory is 100% Chinese. The factory can best be considered as an extension of the China supply chain. All key staff is highly qualified staff that moved to Cambodia from China. The quality of the products made in Cambodia are of the same level as those made in China, as long as the product is suitable for the garment factory. Delivery time is 3 weeks longer than from China, since the fabric needs to be shipped to Cambodia from China. All fabric gets a careful checking by professional QC before it is shipped. Besides sourcing fabric from China, it is also possible to import fabric from other ASEAN agreement countries such as Taiwan or Korea. 

Key products are knit items like t-shirts, sweat shirts, cardigans, tops, skirts etc. Fabrics the workers are used to handling are all sorts of knit like single jersey, fleece, interlock, jaquard, lace etc. For fabric minimums, the same minimums apply as in China, as the fabric is mostly from there. Minimum order qty to outsource production to Cambodia is 10.000 pieces per style. Smaller quantity than that is more practical to manufacturer in China.

For the outsourcing of large quantity woven blouses, jackets or trousers we use our Myanmar garment factory. The Cambodia factory is specialised in garments made of knitted fabric.

The order follow-up is all with our English speaking merchandising team in China. In our head office, all documents are translated into Chinese. All sampling is also done in China. After approval of the PP sample, the paper patterns & fabrics are sent to the Cambodia garment factory. Our China office staff frequently travels to the Cambodia factory and can keep you up to date on the status of your order. You will keep clear communication with one party only. For final inspection, the QC from our China head office travels to Cambodia and will not let the goods ship until they have passed our standards.  

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